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Cute Pinoy Logo A Social Network Site for Global Cute Pinoy Straight men,Bisexuals ,Gays and Transgender Created for an Advocacy &qu...

Cute Pinoy Logo
A Social Network Site for Global Cute Pinoy Straight men,Bisexuals ,Gays and Transgender Created for an Advocacy " TO GATHER ALL PINOY LGBTQIA AND FIGHT FOR THE SOCIAL STIGMA"

Cute Pinoy is an all male online Social Organization that build brotherhood for an advocacy. It is a social Network Site , Blog and LGBTQIA Portal launched on April 1,2010 by Jonathan D. Orbuda for an intention of gathering the Global Filipinos and Filipinos at heart to create distinctive friendship. Cute Pinoy or AKA CP is exclusively for Global Pinoy and Pinoy at heart men, bisexuals,gays and transgenders. Human Relation Approach is the main objectives of Cute Pinoy where in we gave emphasis of A good way relationship between man's innumerable issues.

Cute Pinoy is not a porn site, it doesn't support any activities that sells sex. Yet it is a site that offers the men's needs in terms of emotional, physiological, affective,economic,social, intellectual and aesthetic needs in accordance of Hierarchy of needs.

It is a distinctive group that accept the members even they differs from their Personality, Perception ,Skills and Ablility,Attitudes and Behavior,Values and Ethics but they unites in one goal- The Equal treatment between straight men, bisexual men,gays and transgender.

Cute Pinoy Promotes the Gobal pinoy's Existence in the World

For straight men :
CP will help you to understand the factors why bisexuals,gays and transgenders differs their individuality. And learned to accept them with full acceptance and macro minded person you will become.
For Bisexual men:
CP will help you to come out and spread your wings because one reason why you suffered from hiding yourselves in the closet -" THE SOCIAL STIGMA". You are afraid of labeling you as a GAY.
For Gays:
CP will motivate you to find your real hapiness. Because Gays are happy outside but deep inside from deep within is the various stories of heartache. CP help you to delete the Men's connotation towards Gays - THE EXCHANGE OF MEN'S LOVE IS MONEY".
For Transgender:
CP will help you to spread your sentiments,stories and tales why you did such course of actions CUTE PINOY aka CP is an online premier male social organization that promotes brotherhood,equality and advocacy by the year 2020

C- ourteous and Polite
U- nderstanding and Loving
T- actful and Clever
E-xtraordinary and Unpredictable

P-ositive thinker and Maximalist
I-ntelligent and Deligent
N-ice and Naughty
O-open minded and Liberated
Y-outhfull and Active






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