Beyond The Mark ; The Kiss and The Secret.

Mark Bautista strongly denied that the story went viral online in Facebook is part of his book that was posted on February 6, 2018 in a Fa...

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Mark Bautista strongly denied that the story went viral online in Facebook is part of his book that was posted on February 6, 2018 in a Facebook Page.
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It was then happened simultaneously when the screenshots of pages for his book - Beyond the Mark where uploaded online.

The Viral Post which was posted in Trending Stars PH has a title "SINO KAYA ANG TINUTUKOY DITO NI MARK BAUTISTA?"

It contains a flashback story of the said singer-actor when he has a secret affair that started in a passionate random kiss with a guy


"Dear A,  "It was unexpected. A Saturday at 4am. We were both drunk and after a night of partying, you told me you could give me a ride home because you were going to your girlfriend's place anyway.  "I was happy to take your offer, of course. For some reason, we were both quiet as you drove, despite us both being drunk.  "But just as you stopped by the gate of my house and I was about to step out of your car, you grabbed my arm and said to me 'I want to try something.'  "I was confused and replied 'what?' All of a sudden, you grabbed me and kissed me. Hard. I kissed you back with the same intensity which surprised the fuck out of me.  "I had never kissed anyone like that my whole life. After our unexpected kiss, you smiled at me and said 'it'll be our secret. I didn't say anything. I was shocked and confused. I even thought I was just dreaming.'  "After that incident, we saw each other at school and pretended like nothing happened. It was as if you had forgotten that our lips touched and that I tasted your mouth just as you tasted mine.  "It was awkward hanging out with you and your girlfriend, knowing what happened between us.  "We never talked about what happened until one day, you texted me. You said 'I still remember everything,' I replied 'what are you talking about?' And you said 'That night. I want it to happen again.'  "That was when I knew that I had feelings for you. I don't know if they were always there or if they came because we kissed. I mean I always saw you as one of my bestest friends... But obviously all that has changed now.
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"Then you texted me again one night, telling me you were right outside my house. I went out and saw you sitting in your car. You rolled down the window and said to me 'let's go for a ride.'  "I didn't say anything and even if I was just in my 'pambahay' clothes, I went inside your car.  "You started driving. We were both silent. It was a silence that was excruciating. You drove around for almost 30 minutes before deciding to park within BGC. I still remember it was already 11pm.  "Finally I broke the silence and said 'what are we doing here?' You didn't say anything, instead you looked at me and leaned towards me. Without hesitation, I kissed you.  "It was as passionate as the first time we kissed. If not more... Long story short, something happened between us that night... in your car... surrounded by the darkness and the city lights.  "After that I asked you if you liked me. You told me that you do, that you like me a lot. I confessed my feelings to you as well. But then you said that you can't leave your girlfriend, because you love her...  "Then I told you that I can't leave my girlfriend too, because I love her.  But bro, I can't deny the fact that I have feelings for you... I didn't even know that I could feel this way about someone, especially a guy.  "Maybe if we have both figured ourselves out and when we're brave enough, we can be more than just each other's late night escapades...  "But for now, we can't hurt the ones we say we love. Even if it means hiding the truth from them.  "I'm sorry."

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