Indie Actor Miko Pasamonte Punches Gay Fan to Death.

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Miko Pasamonte

A facebook post from an indie actor named Miko Pasamonte became the hot topic in an LGBT community nowadays. The post was all about a bloody incident happened in a gym situated in Dasmariñas, Cavite - Body Fuel Fitness Gym.

Pasamonte narrated in his post that a gay fan entered in a gym wherein he was working out that time.

“There was a gay who kept staring at me but that gay is not a member. He kept on smiling at me and I was shocked because he showed his tongue to me as a gesture that he really likes me.” Pasamonte narrated.

 The actor felt uncomfortable towards the situation.

“The gay went ahead to me and asked if he can take picture with me. I then agreed.. However, he requested me to go on topless. I removed my undershirt and let him take a shot. I felt unease since my gym mates were laughing because of that scenario” he added.

While the actor dressed back himself, the gay quickly sucked Pasamonte’s nipples.

“I can’t move and there was no way for me to protect myself because my two arms were stocked in my sando.” He continued.

 “I was totally shocked and blacked out – The gay almost died because I hit and punched him intensively”

“I treated LGBT well and i don’t have any problem with them at all. Just don’t do any stupidity - that is the reason why LGBT’s suffer from marginalization due to gays like him”

Pasamonte’s Facebook post includes bloody images of the incident. After he broke his story online – it earned negative feedbacks from his gay fans. And so he decided to delete it.

Until now, as of writing – Pasamonte no longer talk about it online.

Meanwhile, Miko Pasamonte is known indie actor playing in gay er*t*c movies. His provoking scenes in a movie Kape Barako made him famous in gay community – wherein gaymen, bi’s and transgender are longing to have him in a night. Unsurprisingly, most of his facebook followers are coming from gay subculture.

Watch : Indie Movie Kape Barako  Trailer

In the same manner, he kept posting sexy and visually arousing post in his facebook .
Moreover, despite of his angelic face, he admitted that he is truly an h*orny man in nature.

See the screenshot below from Abante Tonite.

Indeed, he got a video scandal also that spread online – while having a moment with a girl.  This Indie actor is allegedly tag as discreet gay. - he had sex with  a man after a screenshot of a video leaked online. Click here

Cute Pinoy Portal is waiting for the explanation from Miko Pasamonte

In your point of view is this hatecrime or fair enough with Miko's side?


Jonathan D. Orbuda, an Economics graduate and now an occasional motivational speaker, was a writer way back in college, when he served as a section editor (2007-2008) of  The Pillar Group of Publications. But beyond this, he established a blogsite detailing traveling sans (much of the) frills, and he also established “Cute Pinoy”, an online social networking site for Filipino gay and bi men, eyeing to inspire closet gays to come out and learn to embrace themselves. Since finishing his schooling, he already worked for a bank and the BPO industry, among others. But his burning passion remains writing, and so he now travels as much as he can to discover what this world (and life) has to offer. As he keeps stressing: “I honestly don’t want to be rich; I just want to fly and be free.” Read also his articles in Outrage Magazine.

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