#AIDSHour2016 ; The Upcoming Trending Hashtag with a Cause.

Photo Credits to  Philippine International AIDS Candlelight Memorial A forecasted trending hashtag will soon explode the online world. ...

Four Gays' Challenge : To Touch Her, Down There.

We have been seeing several posts and videos online about weird and insane things. Internet users of today are very innovative in making s...

Nicole Louw’s Man to Woman Transformation in 16 Months.

Nicole Louw is South Africa’s first transgender alternative model, and she an aspiring photographer. “This is my place where ill genera...

If Sons of Philippine Presidential Candidates Are Running.

Now that the Philippine Election 2016 is getting closer, Presidential candidates are also getting busier campaigning to different places ...

Celebrating Gayness in Puerto Galera.

AMAZING must be the one word that most everyone (esp first-timers) can muster to describe the place. Compared to any other place in th...

Semana Beki 2016 - An LGBT Alay Lakad 2016

Are you well-prepared to sacrifice for HIM? To give forgiveness like HIM? Come and let us reflect the sufferings of HIM, for our salvation...

Kristen Stewart of Twilight is a Lesbian.

It seems like Kristen Stewart couldn't deny her real preference anymore. With these photos being viral online, is she ready to come out ...

Watch Replay: 2nd PiliPinas Debates 2016 on TV5 .

MANILA, Philippines - The second leg of presidential debate dubbed as "PiliPinas Debates 2016" for the May 9 general elections...

A Dancing Young Gay Being Kicked

A young gay was kicked by a random person who was passing infront of the said gay. According to Trending News Youtube Account – the said ...

Britney Spears Aging Gracefully with Energy.

Another Gay Icon will be featured in Cute Pinoy Portal – Britney Spears.  Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American si...

10 Signs You’re Actually a Gay Introvert (Even Though You Try Not to Be)

Introverts get a bad rap, man. Gay guys typically say they want to marry an introvert but would rather sex with extroverts. Trouble is, in a...

A Video of an LGBT Member Hitting Her Mother Goes Viral.

A video of a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and a member of LGBT became viral online after it was uploaded by a netizen in face...






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