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It’s been a long span of time that I didn’t write about my spa review, now I will bring you to a spa situated in the heart of Cubao.  JASON SPA Spa is a gay friendly establishment located in Timbol Bldg, Albany St. cor Aurora Blvd, Quezon City. The place is accessible and easy to locate – it is near Flying V and Philippine Business Bank.

Jason Spa is “talk of the town” among gay people in various gay blogs and online forums. Indeed, that triggers my curiosity to give a try on this “top of the line SPA” among LGBT (Gay) then I will review and write about it.

November 16, 2015 1:00AM I contacted the manager/owner of the SPA to reserve a masseur for me. When everything was all good, I quickly grabbed a cab and went ahead to the stretch of Aurora Blvd. The owner gave me the instruction that they are in unit 201 Timbol Bldg. When I arrived at the location, I saw the 4 male therapists at the lobby of the building – enough for me to convince myself that I am in the right vicinity. At first, you will not easily recognize the place but just ask the guard where the 201 is.

One of the Boys accompanied me to the room using the stair. When I entered the room, an array of therapists welcomed me at their receiving area where they stayed and watched TV. After picking my masseur, they brought me to the cubicle for the massage. The massage area is divided with four cubicles and each cubicle’s doors were covered by a curtain. There is a dim light coming from a blue lamp shade at the end part of the room which is enough to give light towards the four cubicles... There was also a music however, not a relaxing music.

Good thing, the beds are elevated and not just foam on the floor like what I have experienced in JROME SPA. Since the therapist was still preparing outside, I checked the bed – and it smells good. Meaning, this is newly set up. I also sniffed the pillow and I didn’t smell any foul odor. I let my eyes travelled around the cubicle and everything was ok except the stain on the wall – seemed like oil or markings from the aftermath.

Therapist was OK, he massage my legs and back. As a spa goer, I can’t compare the level of their therapist’s skills into other SPA I’ve visited. They need to improve the strokes and focus on the relaxation touches. But, JASON SPA became famous among gays because of their trade secret. Their masseurs knew how to please clients.  They are also the most visited SPA especially to those who are in fixed budget because of their 1K all in package. But what I loved about JASON SPA, it is a gay –friendly establishment and their staffs respect gays. They are trained on how to handle gay patrons – the thoughtful approach possible.  Their male therapists never take you for granted because the owner will automatically issue an action if there is a complaint. Brian is one of the Best therapists.

Contact JASON: 09173858595

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SPANATIC – JHAIRO , is a hunky and manly gay who explore around the metro to search the best /worst massage spa , write and review about it . He spend his own money to subsidy his vice – MASAHE. Jhairo is the reliable writer when it comes to SPA review and became the trusted person to all SPA aficionados. He runs his self title personal blog (powered by Cute Pinoy Portal Community of Bloggers) that reveals his true life.

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Location: Aurora Blvd, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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