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Another independent movie of  Glen Anthony Villafuerte will hit its specific target market. ATG Entertainment Production and GAV Films present 'WeeLab'. Starring John Canterburryand Alvin Duckert. Also starring Jm Martinez, Renee Gozon, Ahbie Cojuangco, Icer Abella, Akie Yamato, Francis Cariaso and James Garfin. Showing in selected cinemas.

How will you know the “wrong one”  – if you are not aware that this is not right? This is the major question of this movie. Weelab is street slang that being used by the youth which means “ a person who can no longer control one’s self”

It is a tale of two couples. First, with Alvin and Rea. They live happily together with Alvin’s brother named Marvin. When Rea arrived from Japan, she decided not to go back so that she can look after her illed husband. Only Marvin knew that ultimate secret of his brother Alvin.

Second is a couple named Jonard and Sheena – a newly neighborhood with Alvin and Rea – together with Sheena’s cousin named Glenn. They will be residing because Jonard is working in Tagaytay. Shenna loves Jonard the most, and so Jonard to Sheena.

After few days went by, Alvin and Sheena’s path will cross – wherein they had unfinished past with each other. They even had a secret moreover, Jonard and Rea is not aware about it.

When Alvin is aware that only a “wall “divides him towards Sheena, Alvin felt a sudden flashback of feeling towards the woman. However, Sheena tried to avoid of getting closer to Alvin. Meanwhile, Glenn and Marvin became closer and their friendship went deeper.

Until one day , an incident happened that made their life challenging. Alvin can no longer control of himself and so he visited Sheena’s house ..  Jonard learnt about it , that leads him to feel anger. Alvin will disclose a huge secret towards the couple that made them shocked, until hatred will exist.

What is Alvin’s secret? Until when Jonard and Rea will hold on to their feelings and pain?. Will Sheena’s feeling towards Alvin will be back?

Jonathan D. Orbuda, an Economics graduate and now an occasional motivational speaker, was a writer way back in college, when he served as a section editor (2007-2008) of  The Pillar Group of Publications. But beyond this, he established a blogsite detailing traveling sans (much of the) frills, and he also established “Cute Pinoy”, an online social networking site for Filipino gay and bi men, eyeing to inspire closet gays to come out and learn to embrace themselves. Since finishing his schooling, he already worked for a bank and the BPO industry, among others. But his burning passion remains writing, and so he now travels as much as he can to discover what this world (and life) has to offer. As he keeps stressing: “I honestly don’t want to be rich; I just want to fly and be free.”


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