BLUER THAN BLUE in my Blue Room Spa Experience.

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“Sir Ituloy na natin?” (Sir , Are we going to finish?)
“Magkano ba ?” (How much ?)

“Magkano ba kaya mo?” (How much you are capable paying for?)

Tyler in white shirt  - he also worked in SPADA for 1 year
Bob the owner of  Blue Room Spa invited me to review his newly opened Spa located in Taft Avenue Pasay city infront of BDO which is adjacent to Cartimar – The scheduled grand opening will be on April 5, 2015 simultaneous celebration for Easter Sunday. 

It was almost 15 days when I was able to allocate my resources for the said visit - merely time and penny. And so, I dragged myself from my stressful work going to the place where I can release the tension that I’ve incurred these past days – pressure and uncertainties on my current work.

“I will be visiting there, 5pm!” I chatted to Bob

Tyler's picture from his facebook
“Ok sir, I will wait for you. Any way , I will reserve you our (future)head therapist Tyler – He is well trained “ bob replied.

Bob also explained why he opted Tyler to handle me and he gave me the Tyler’s facebook – and he is totally cute. But on the latter part of our online conversation he pulled out the offer, instead he gave me an option of getting ARIEL JEFE- his new therapist from Masbate who just went here for summer job to subsidy his study.

Bob the owner was uncertain and so I asked why, “Mayroon na bang cliente si Tyler?” I asked “Wala sir, honestly sir, di lang kami nagkasundo ni Tyler now – I didn’t promote him as head therapist because I received 2 clients complaining regarding his attitude. “

“If he will sense that the client will not avail of his ES offer, he will pass it to the other masseur – in short he has an attitude problem.” He explained.

I ride a public transportation.

“Sir I already talked to Tyler, he will be your masseur and he is waiting for you. Our misunderstanding has nothing to do with the business so you may go now to tyler”  bob texted me on my way. I was uncertain to continue going because of the consistency but BOB explained me in a nice way.
 “ I thought that ARIEL will be my new masseur.? “I asked.

“Tyler is waiting for you and it would better that you will experience him because he is really good in massage.” He texted.

From Taft Rotonda Edsa, I ride a jeep for 8PHP – a jeep that will pass through Cartimar. I dropped off in front of BPI which is adjoining the CARTIMAR Savemore.  Moreover commuting is the best way for me to get direction once I write my blog. I sauntered back going to BDO and across is the SPA with a huge banner.

I went ahead and a uniformed masseur who was also a receptionist that time welcomed me.

“ Kayo po ba si Jhairo ?” he smiled at me.
“Yes po” I responded.

“ Sir Bob just went out for a moment” he said even if I didn’t ask.

Infront of the SPA – the parking area is quite enough to accommodate five cars which is an advantage for the BLUE ROOM compared to other SPAs.
“Maupo ka muna sir at pumili kayo ng package . But I think Boss Bob already gave you information about the Pure Temptation package” he handed me the list of their services.


I took the picture of the list for reference. And I chose the “Pure Temptation Package “amounting to PHP1000.  The said package consists of 2hours of sensual massage with Ventusa and Facial scrub.  I waited for like 5 minutes at the waiting area while they are preparing. I had a chance to take pictures discreetly.

Undeniably, it is a newly established SPA because I can still since the foul smell of the PAINT.  The receiving area is very “professional looking “. Why? Because the feeling once you enter the place, it was like - you are about to apply in a call center. The design is very modern. It is not like the usual spa with figurines and statues of “Thai images, etcetera”.  Simplicity combination of white and blue is the motif of the spa wherein it reflects the modern concept of a business.  And I must admit that the simplicity of the spa brought me to a feeling of security. It is TOO visually pleasant to me.  There are no to few small details that they added to break the plain white by adding blue details – like few candles, abstract frames and the violet bench. It’s too light and I like it.

While waiting for the massage downstairs, my feet were soaked in a solution of warm water and a foot-wash. Until suddenly I notice that a gorgeous man went down from the stairs. I was staring at him and he was surprisingly not handsome but the cuteness is superb.  He smiled at me and said “Hi sir,”. He offered me a pair sandal and dry my feet using towel. And It was Tyler.

He brought me upstairs – I was surprise how huge the location is. There is a second level, third and fourth and all of those are available cubicles ready for the mob.  Truly, the owner is lucky to have leased that space. Aside from the foul smell of the paint, all I can say is the place is simple but striking.

When I reached the cubicle where the massage should be done, the cubicle space is enough for the client and the masseur to execute and move inside. They have massage bed and air-conditioned place. The light is perfect for relaxation.

The Spa don’t have a safety locker

While Tyler gets his kit I was able to capture a photo inside the cubicle.


Tyler executes his strokes at my upper back extremities to the lower back. It was extremely good , yes not to exaggerate but he is really an excellent therapist . He gave me a one hour pure clean massage and it was superb.

“Gaano kana katagal mag work sa  SPA”

“Almost five years na din po”

Will, it shows. And experience in a long span of time justifies his skills. He is knowledgeable about his craft. Then he do the ventosa to me at the same time while the glasses are on my back, he massage my legs or simply my lower extremity. And that was the chance that he slightly touches my anal part and the sensual combination started. Long strokes from my anal part down to my groin and to my legs that made me moan.  After the lower legs, he removed the glasses and the 30 minutes of sensual massage is now on the table.

The execution is very technical because I notice that he doesn’t have hard on when I slightly grabbed his crotch.  During I grabbed his bulge – he stopped me whispering “mamaya na yan” . He continued massaging my sensitive part – perineum, pubes, torso, chest and groin without mainly touching the main pole. The sequence is very smooth and full of trantric effect that BOB mentioned me in an SMS that only TYLER can do it. The techniques are basic from other spa but I noticed continues and creative ways. Truly, he innovates it in his own way; He also used his chin to massage me with matching warm breath which gives me a mind blowing effect.

I smell his body, armpit and his groin and it smells good – which is requisite in every client. Honestly I still remember up until now how he smells like. It is a plus for a masseur if they have personal hygiene. I touch his body and I must say that this man is an asset of this SPA. It was purely clean, professional and sensual massage. The sensual touches are very artistic and not arousing. It gave relaxing sensation rather than dirty effect.


Undeniably, MSM people like us are looking for a happy ending at the end .And so Am I.

Onset, BOB gave me already a heads up about TYLER and he was uncertain of giving me TYLER. I was wondering why?

And the answer is about to come.

“Sir Ituloy na natin?” (Sir , Are we going to finish?)

“Magkano ba ?” (How much ?)

“Magkano ba kaya mo?” (How much you are capable paying for?)

Those are famous conversational statements between a client and therapist inside the cubicle. And same story from my previous spas, it was uttered again inside the cubicle with me and this cute man of BLUE ROOM SPA who gave me a mind blowing strokes.  As a spa goer, I know how to handle that scenario, even the richest man in the world knows how to haggle.

“Gawin mo naming PHP1000 , maghuhubad ako at papalabas ka, ako na bahala hj kita” he offered.

“ 1k , pasukin mo ako” I challenge him but honestly , I just want to test him for competitive checking for my write up, if how far my money can go. I always bear in mind that every time I go to spa – I am the representative of the majority who are minimum wage earner, have a family to support to, have monthly bills, have monthly amortization and who worked hardly for a living.  And it’s one of my purposes why I exist.
“No 500 is only my capacity, wag na lang muna” I barely said.

I noticed on his face that he was frustrated. The feeling of “Pera na nga naging Bato pa”, which is a big NO NO – especially if a Spa which is offering only clean service frontly.  In the first place, the client purpose is to experience the service, and it’s our option if we are going to take the EXTRA SERVICE. Isnt it?

The good attitude of TYLER established onset became different. He uttered “Yang 500 tip lang yan sa akin” , when he  said those word , I was like in an ice bucket challenge.  What’s the sense of asking, “Magkano ba kaya mo?” if you are going to insult your client capacity.
He was not aware that I’m doing a review or I don’t know?

“Pasensya na , di naman kasi ako mayaman tulad ng iba na may kotse, simpleng employee lang ako “  I said and while waiting how the future head therapist of the BLUE ROOM Spa will handle such spiel.

I was surprised of his answer “ Nako sir, pag pumupunta ka sa ganitong lugar dapat handa ka. Pano kung makaka encounter ka ng msahista na sira ulo, mabugbug ka pa” .

I was sitting like a loser. “Pinapangaralan ako ng isang masahista” .  I can even give you PHP1000 today w/o obliging you to do an extra service if I want.

“Alam ko na to eh, sa baba palang, wala ka talagang pera, Alam ko naman mga binibigay sa akin ni Sir BOB mga walang pera”. He added.

I was like about to cry because this masseur don’t know what his saying.”Nanliliit ako sa sarili ko” But I still remember that I’m here to review and to give real information. And this information is what I’m looking for. Instead of feeling bad, I smiled and stood up. I grabbed my bag and went down.

I went down and show my frustration. I never avail anymore the FACIAL SCRUB which supposedly part of the package. This is very alarming.
When I went down, I grabbed my shoes and about to pay the PHP1000 so that I can leave. BOB came to talk about the experience. I cant narrate my story inside because TYLER might hear and so  I asked him to go out with me.

“ Totoo nga yung sinasabi mo sa akin” I started.

“Isa din yan sa rason bakit di ko pa sya na promote” Bob.
Click the Image to enlarge and see the pricelist

I tell to BOB that Tyler is their asset but with his behavior, they might lose future prospect client. Especially, with this kind of business, Clients are not born yesterday.

“Nagtataka nga din ako sa ibang therapist kasi kahit walang “gawa”(ES) , naka smile pa din ang mga cliente at nag uusap padin sila ng masahista na parang magkaibigan”. Bob said.

“That’s my point because if a masseur will show the client how valuable they are – they will feel it” I answered.

“And the client will give automatically a TIP w/o asking it, or if you are fortunate, client will avail the ES”I added.

“Honestly speaking, if I am only a random client, I will never go back here even if I am planning to try other masseurs. No one put her/himself into an embarrassing moment”

Truly, customer service is a must in this kind of business. I must say that TYLER is an asset of the Spa with his golden hand. But his attitude will sooner ruin the total business. If I am SPA owner, I will also find hardtime to give up TYLER because of his skills. But I have to consider also the long term impact of the business...  Yes siguro sa mga Spa hunter pwede ang ganyan kasi talagang mabenta sya. But if you are gonna maintain your patron – I will consider the impact. Remember , skills can be learned but you cannot correct attitude not even a single disciplinary action.

“Oy masarap ang maroya ni aling Karen” child 1

“eh ayoko dun, masarap nga , masungit naman” child 2.

“Dito nalang ako kay aling bibang, kahit di masarap, mabait sya at nakikipag kwentuhan at di ko namamalayan naka limang order na pala ako.”

Bob and I ended up our conversation with a shakehand.

“Wag ka mag alala babalik ako dito”

SPANATIC – JHAIRO , is a hunky and manly gay who explore around the metro to search the best /worst massage spa , write and review about it . He spend his own money to subsidy his vice – MASAHE. Jhairo is the reliable writer when it comes to SPA review and became the trusted person to all SPA aficionados.

 Join him in his adventure - Recommend a SPA or massage parlor so that I can visit.

Location: 40, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
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