Partee N Play subculture in Philippine gay society.

Feeling High After the chem session - Photo by Outrage Magazine Miguel accepted the Cute Pinoy Portal interview about the subculture in...

Tarima Indie Fim Review

Since it’s weekend and I am alone – I decided to watch my downloaded movie and write a review about it.  This movie that I planned to...

Must Watch : How will you handle if you encounter a Rude Taxi Driver?

Mark Buraga posted this video on his facebook December 4, 2016 . It is a 3 min video that contains a footage of an argument between the taxi...

Fashion For Men - How to hide Visible Penis Line.

VPL image To all Filipinos aspiring bikini models - this post is for you. Life is not always easy for underwear models, male pagea...

Ben & Sam - Indie Movie of 2010 Review

Ben & Sam is a 2010 Filipino indie film, directed by Mark Shandii Bacolod and starring Ray An Dulay, Jess Mendoza, Micah Munoz, Ana...

Genital Herpes 101

Genital herpes is a virus infection that's passed on during vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse, or sometimes during oral sex. ...

LUCAS AND MENNO - Good times, bad times

Goede tijden, slechte tijden (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌ ɣudə ˈtɛidən ˌslɛxtə ˈtɛidən], English: Good times, bad times), also known as GTST, ...

Cute Pinoy Portal on Clash of Gay Clans.

This is the badge of Cute Pinoy Portal Clan  “Clash of Clans” nowadays is one of the most downloaded and played android applicat...

Cute Pinoy For March 2015 - Dennis De Leon II

For this month of March for the year 2015, Cute Pinoy  Portal Features an article about a sexy and hot 20 years old Bikini Ramp Model. It’s ...





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