Watch 63rd Annual Miss Universe Preliminary Competition (2015)

Year 2013 was the year for Philippine beauties - And so ... for this year 2015 all Filipinos are looking forward that Mary Jean MJ Last...

Upclose and Personal to the ‘Cute Responsorial Psalm Guy'

Another Cute guy became an instant online sensation today during the pastoral visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. This is due to t...

Must Watch : Sweet Asian Boys

Another video online went viral and majority of the netizens who posted and shared the video are gays. It is beacuse of the two hot asian...

I am Lady Angel.

" Hindi na ako nakapag-aral; tumigil na (I haven't been going to school; I've stopped schooling already)," Lady Angel...

Angelo Ilagan and DM Sevilla towards a Gay Indie Film

DM Sevilla and Angelo Ilagan Aside from the controversial indie film “ Unfriend ” – a real tale of devastating gay love story h...

Magpakailanman ; May AIDS and Asawa ko

HIV and AIDS is not limited only to men having sex with men (MSM) or simply to those who practice homosexuality. There is no exemption re...

JB Naganio a man with a woman voice

It was christmas of 2014 when JB and his friends invited to eat and drink at Esguerra's farm at palayan city. A videoke was set, and h...

Ejay Orines and Kurt Belza - Young Love

We guys are all familiar with the Youtube love team Jamich – Jam and Mitch. A cute, straight, real-life couple that supersedes the onlin...

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was written as a love letter by Hans Christian Anderson to Edvard Collin. Anderson, upon hearing of Collin’s engagement...

EX-PBB Axel Torres Scandalous Photos went Viral.

An alleged scandal photo of an Ex-PBB housemate Axel Torres is now going viral online. The photo was said to be a screenshot from a vi...

GAY : So What?

They are Gays/ Alleged Gays. SO what? They live in accordance to the  LAW. Wala silang tinatapakan na tao or Kahit nasaktan man. Kaysa n...

Must watch : Gay men with amazing woman voice.

Because YouTube nowadays is number one easy  avenue to reach the mainstream, various individuals uploaded their video online. And so our ...

Pongsak Rattanapong aka Aof is openly gay.

Pongsak Rattanapong better known by his nickname Aof , is a Thai singer and actor who gained popularity through the first season of the Th...


Budz shares his story, grievance and acceptance to Cute Pinoy Portal. We agreed to meet for an interview;   January 9, 2015 he narrated h...

Dean Azcona and Jushua Ramos : Proud Lovers

Jushua Ramos (left) and Dean Azcuna (Right) Dean Azcuna and Jushua Ramos ,both residing in one roof in Quezon City. This power c...






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