Jrome Spa (former Angkor Spa) in Boni Avenue , Mandaluyong City - Review

Located in the heart of Boni Avenue – I decided to go to a massage spa near MRT station named Angkor Spa. Located at Pinatubo St. corner ...

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Located in the heart of Boni Avenue – I decided to go to a massage spa near MRT station named Angkor Spa. Located at Pinatubo St. corner Edsa, Mandaluyong City Just beside Lanie’s Eatery, across Mightee Mart & just a few steps from MRT Boni Station


It was six in the afternoon December 15, 2014 when I discovered this massage spa. I was about to step up the escalator near Mightee Mart (24/hour grocery) to ride MRT in Boni Station  going to my work (since I have a graveyard  shift )– when a group of uniformed men standing by adjacent to where I’m situated at, captured my attention.

I looked at them, they were three wearing a wellness uniform ( a sky blue uniform that most nurses wear during their duty). I was wondering why?

I stopped and stared towards their location; pretending that I was waiting for someone but I was trying to figure out where they are working.  While my vision was clearly roaming around, I noticed a banner, Internet Café but surprisingly I saw a banner below stating ANGKOR SPA.
“There you go! Gotcha it’s a spa” I said.


At my office I was extremely curious and still remembering those gorgeous men standing by while watching videos with their smartphone. I googled it using with the keywords “ANGKOR SPA BONI” but unfortunately there were no rigid review indexed in the search engine, except with the few ads – location , service offered and all that stuff.
I am interested to visit the spa, so since I just received my 15th payout. I allocate PHP300 for the combination massage.


December 16, 2014 four in the afternoon, I left at my house early since the said spa is on the way to MRT going to my work. I planned to drop by for the said session which is good for one hour.

My heart was beating at the same time I’m excited since it is my first time to visit a spa ( I’ve been to a spa but it was not a gay oriented spa). I just walk straight forward to the location. In addition- my curiosity due to the reason “why the spa is situated in a secreted area” . And that’s the thing that I need to find out.

I opened the door and the shadowy surrounding greeted me. There was a man sitting in a couch, reading the brochures ( I think he was looking for the best offer). He stared at me, I thought he was the owner coz he said “ Pasok ka” .   I went directly to the reception and pretend that I am a “suki”, with convection.

Pamasage po ako , combination” I said.

“Sige opo muna kayo Sir” the receptionist answered.

They have both male and female therapists but I don’t know why they proactively offered a male therapist for me. Maybe they can sense my preference; subsequently they know who their target markets are.

I sat with ease because there were no other clients inside. I was waiting while the other cute man (with star tattoo in his both shoulder) preparing the room where the massage should be done. He got a foam and mattress and brought it inside the cubicle/room. When he opened the curtain that covers the door, I was able to take a glimpse what’s inside.

I was shock when I saw that there was no bed at all. The foam was just placed directly on the floor. However it was ok for me “di naman ako maarte”. I am very resilient depending on what’s going on.

Besides I saw the cute man replacing the mattress of the foam so it was an assurance that I’ll be lying on a clean fabric.
The aroma of the environment is really nice. It was obvious that there diffused relaxing scent which is really a requisite in all massage spa to feel the tranquility. There was also music.

When everything was perfectly good, I went inside. And I didn’t expect that it was only a curtain that divides between the other cubicles. I can even hear the moaning clients at my both sides.

When I was totally undressed, I reclined upside down waiting for the assigned masseur simultaneously observing the entire small cubicle and listening to the music and what’s happening on the other cubicle.  A silhouette of a young man entered the cubicle. I can’t take a glance to his face because of the dim light only. He opened his phone and reading it, his face was visually clear to me. A gorgeous young man, small face, innocent look and a very manly gesture – no doubt he is a straight man.

After this post went viral, Ivan contacted me to remove 
his picture to protect his personal life - 
Cute Pinoy Portal Team agreed , and so instead of
removing, we edit out his eyes . Sorry to all reader, we are
just also protecting Ivan's privacy, but even if we removed 
his eyes, we can still figure out  how cute he is? You can 
visit Angkor Spa and ask his name, tell them that you 
discovered him through this blog post. I knew he will be 
more than happy to serve you. 
He started to massage me professionally – no malice. “Taga San ka Sir” he asked. I just simply responded that I’m residing within the vicinity. And silence follows except those few questions from him “are you ok sir?” every time I moaned.

The pressure was quite good; he knows well the vital point. He stayed longer in my upper back, lower back and legs. However he didn’t stay longer in my hands. And the worst he didn’t massage my scalp to release my stress.

“How long you’ve been working here?”  I broke the silence.

“Two weeks sir!” he uttered.

“But you worked for various SPAs prior to this right?” I questioned.

And he no longer answer – maybe he was avoiding that someone can hear or he was just fabricating his tale.
When he was about to touch my torso part – he whispered “Gusto mo sir?”


“Ikaw bahala sir”!

“Magkano nga”

“PHP2500 lahat nay un sir”

“ Sorry kunti lang dala ko”

“Magkano ba kaya mo sir”

“1k lang dala ko”

“ Gawin mo ng 1500 sir”

“Wag na sa susunod na lang” I was about to stand up, but he provoke me and massage my chest.

“Gusto ko sana kaso mabibitin ako sa budget ko “

“Sige Sir, 1k pwede mo ako hawakan pero labas nayung masahe.”
Photo from Angkor Spa ( IVAN is truly new to this SPA) 
And since he was very good looking I said Ok.

As normal thing, he does the lingam, and I finished.

I was able to touch him but unfortunately it was too tiny. (not hard)

“ gawin mo ng 2500 sir, papalabas ako”


But he did the hardcore up-selling the service so that he can get the 2500.
He also offered a hot towel – he cleaned up my back but since he knew that there were more juice on my front – he ask me to clean up and he no longer touch me. It was frustrating.

I asked his name before I hand the 1k to him “IVAN of BICOL who resides in LAS PINAS”

He also asked my name but I said " SECRET".
When I am about to leave, I saw him fixing his belongings and think it was her OUT or he was schedule for booking in hotels, now I realized why he did the ES quickly.

When I went out , Innumerable Masseurs greeted me “ THANK YOU SIR, BALIK KA”

The masseur is cute; the place is perfect for those who want a discreet session.  The Massage was great its just that maybe that time IVAN was in hurry because he was about to leave when the reception asked him to serve me. The place is quite good para sa mga di maarte. Kinda small place but its advantage coz you will get closer to the masseur inside.

Other masseurs are noisy, and they were talking about their client who doesn’t give TIPS.

Maybe this is truly a gay-oriented spa because I didn’t notice any female therapist. (but they offer)

I spent 1300PHP in total - I am satisfied because i got the cutest masseur but the ES is not that good " natakot nga siya at mukang nandiri nung nilabasan ako at parang ayaw tapusin ang ES kahit pre- cum lang yun"

Spa Name: Angkor Spa
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: Pinatubo St. corner Edsa, Mandaluyong City
Landmarks: Just beside Wendy’s, across Mightee Mart &
just a few steps from MRT Boni Station
Contact Numbers:
Landline: None
Mobile: (0977)181-6659, (0928)449-8742 09472293590
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 1:00PM to 6:00AM
Membership: None
Shower: Yes
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: No
Home Service: Yes, with same rate if along Boni Ave
Other Features: ES and Hot towel
Masseur Type: Male & Female
Specialty: Angkor Signature Massage
Price Range: P299.00 – P699.00

SPANATIC – JHAIRO , is a hunky and manly gay who explore around the metro to search the best /worst massage spa , write and review about it . He spend his own money to subsidy his vice – MASAHE. Jhairo is the reliable writer when it comes to SPA review and became the trusted person to all SPA aficionados.

 Join him in his adventure - Recommend a SPA or massage parlor so that I can visit.

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