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Homme Spa-Kamuning prides itself as an efficient and well-managed wellness Spa Company with the aim of assisting individuals, in achieving total relaxation and excellent satisfaction among its clientele.

 “Our group specializes in giving quality yet affordable massage making us trustworthy in the said business. Our team of professional managers possesses an unparallel commitment in bringing innovative concepts that matches our client’s standards.” On their ads.

Sunday , 12nn – together w/ my friends when I joined in a FUN RUN somewhere in taguig. I was so tired the entire day and my muscles want a relaxation – legs and back.

Night of the same day, I decided to go to wensha in Timog for a massage , however when I got there – the were no private room available. Moreover, I really wanted a privacy coz I don’t wanna feel unease due to congested clients around staring on my body. Not to mention, I am a good looking and gymfit gayman – with abs wherein you can’t even distinguish that I am a gay.

So since its unavailable and I really wanted to be nude when using Jacuzz, then I went out. And opted to hire a masseur and book a room in a motel.

I got JOLO’s number of HOMME SPA in FR central forum. Jolo is the contact person if you want to request a male therapist. I texted him,… no response…  And so I texted again with a half joke “"Thanks, I'll make sure that I'll make a good review of Homme Spa in Cute Pinoy Portal!". That was just joke but he might understand what I meant..

“ I am sorry we are not giving out any personal contact number with our masseurs” he replied.

“I am the only contact person to talk to regarding the service” he added.

“How much is the service for hotel service” I asked.

“It’s PHP700 excluding the transportation expense and you have to pay for the masseur’s fare” Jojo

“Do you know any nearby hotel around your SPA/ near Timog?”

He didn’t reply.

 “magkano naman kung humiling ako ng extra service sa masseurs niyo?”. I texted again

I was surprised with his answer. “"Sir meron din kami ditong room sa Homme Spa, 500 pesos yung masahe kasama na ang room. Yung extra service naman ay kayo na ang makipag-usap sa masseur."

I was thinking to hire Toby – chinito in the picture and the most gorgeous among the masseurs (basing on the picture in the Spa’s website).

“Jojo is no longer a masseur, he is now working as a receptionist in a hotel” he replied

“Can you recommend anybody?”….. “ I want a good-looking one!” I said.

“Echo is available” jojo.

I already saw Echo in their Spa’s Facebook and he is really handsome

 ….And he looked young and fresh..a “twink type”.  Why Echo? Because he is Jerecho Rosales look alike especially if he smiles.

“Marunong ba magmasahe yan?”

But he no longer replied … so I ride a taxi rightaway to bring me at BPI in Kamuning Road wherein it is nearby towards HOMME SPA. It was already night, dim and HOMME SPA is only small. I asked Jojo “ can you recommend me someone ?”.

At the entrance, Jojo greeted me and asked “ Magpapamasahe po kayo?” I said yes, and he brought me inside the Spa... Opened the light and let their masseur fall in line. He mentioned the names and gotcha I saw Echo. He is visually obvious that he is really young and new to this industry. But all the masseurs are handsome. They even smile at me so that I will choose them but I opt Echo. Jojo instructed Echo to prepare the room upstairs.

Homme Spa looks like a house. Slightly dim and there was a background music – birds and water flow sounds effect that made me feel “I’m in a jungle”. Even if there was music, I was still uncomfortable because some clients always passed through in front of me and they saw me. I am worried because I am a discreet and I’m not used to it in that kind of place. “Someone might know me”.
One of their clients thought that I’m also a masseur and he pointed me. “Sorry Sir, Cliente din po siya” Jojo said.  Their client was surprised and he just smiles at me.

While waiting for the preparation, I saw James. He was excluded when the time I choose because he was cleaning the CR. And inside the CR, the light is open and I clearly saw his face. He is more chinito and handsome than the pictures posted in their website. His body is average but I really love chinito men. I felt regret why I didn’t hire him. Anyway, I’m fine with Echo.

They called my attention to go upstair.  The Cubicle is too small and it seems that size of the bed if perfect for it only. It is also audible and I can also hear the slurping sounds between the masseur and the clients in the other cubicle. Echo pulled the divider and he removed his uniform. I told him to turn off the light before we start. And so.. Dim light exist.

I can still see the cuteness of this guy – young , fresh and new to this business. He was told by Jojo to give a great service level and impress me. He is quite slim but its visually pleasant since he has well formed chest and muscles. Tama lang ang kinis at maputi siya  .Ang kanyang nota ay average lang para sa mga Pinoy. Tamang haba at hindi mataba. Mababakas dito na madalas siyang magtikol. Nakaagaw pansin sa akin ang kaniyang labi na sobrang pula at ang kaniyang ngiti na nakakapanggigil.

He started to session .  Pinadapa niya ako at siya naman ay pumuwesto sa aking likuran. He only wears Boxer brief. He puts lotion on my legs and presses the vital points.  I am assumed at first that he is not good in massage but I was wrong.  He was able to force down the aching part of my body. Well, not that good as what I’ve experienced from other veteran masseurs but it was enough for a newbie. He focused on my back, next on my arms and hands. .

Mamaya pa ay nagulat ako na meron ng parang tumatama sa aking puwet paakyat sa likuran....nakahandusay na pala ang kanyang nota. I’m not even aware that he already removed his boxer. Mamaya pa ay nilagyan niya ng maraming lotion ang aking likuran tapos dumapa siya sa aking likuran. Hinagod niya ang aking likuran gamit ang kaniyang katawan. Dibdib at tyan niya ang kaniyang ginagamit para mamasahe ang aking likod. Isang sensual massage na pala ang kaniyang ginagawa. Napapa "Ahhh" ako sa bawat taas baba niya hanggang sa tuluyan na akong nadala

Pinaharap niya ako sabay patong sa akin at ginawa niya din yung masaheng ganun. This time para na kaming nagses*x dahil magkaharap kami at magkapatong habang tumataas baba siya at nagpapadulas ng dibdib niya sa aking harapan. Napakabibo niya at aktibo. Naramdaman ko na talagang pinagsisikapan niya ang sensual na masahe.

When he felt that it’s already hard , he asked me “mag papa extra service ba kayo Sir?”

“How much and what are the services?”

Ang sabi niya ay roromansahin niya ako at pwede ko siyang i-blow job. 1,200 hanggang 1,500 pesos ang presyo niya sa akin kaya hindi ako sumagot. Itinuloy niya ang masahe at muli niya akong tinanong. Ayus lang naman sa akin yung presyo basta may kasamang torrid kiss dahil fetish ko ang makipaglaplapan sa isang gwapo at batang bata na twink. 

Then he agreed..

(the entire story was edited )

I took him a picture using my phone and he doesn’t want me to take picture while he is naked. I might upload it online . I just smiled “. Ano kaya yun eh yung mga picture niya naka-upload sa FB account ng Spa Homme.”

Nagbihis na kami matapos magpunas at maglagay ng alcohol sa katawan. Sabi niya ay titigil na siya sa ganitong trabaho sa Marso. Ngayong unang araw ng Marso, iniisip ko na malamang ay nakabalik na siya sa Pampanga. Iniwan niya ang kaniyang number sa akin (para daw pwede ko siya tawagan if gusto ko siya i-hire ulit) ngunit ng tinext ko ito ay hindi naman siya nagrereply kaya hindi ko alam kung totoo ba ito o hindi. Sa mga gustong magtext sa kaniya, eto ang ibinigay niyang numero sa akin. 09077097846 ECHO.

James is my next target , Im planning to bring him in a hotel.

Eto ang review ko kay Echo:

Massage: 7/10 (Pwede na para sa newbie)
Extra Service: 7/10 (Laplapan to the max)
Looks: 8/10 (TWINK)
SRP: 1 - 1.5K (Extra service) + 500 (Room and Massage)
Attitude: 7/10 (He is friendly and will try to please you, nag-e-effort siya)

Here is my verdict sa SPA.

At Homme Spa, we give the best; indeed, there’s no place like Homme.
With the cost of every payment requiring careful consideration, having someone asking for a good recommendation in your behalf and helping you understand the big picture of ultimate pleasure, is essential. From competent massage, exemplar techniques, and qualified looks, to incorporating all the ingredients of your special request, Homme Spa-Kamuning Team has your best interest in mind. As your health partner, they guide you through every facet of fulfilling fabulous experience that you have always dreamed of.

Spa Name: Homme Spa and Wellness Center
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: 100 Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Landmarks: In front of BPI Bank
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)414-6377
Mobile: (0906)327-5335, (0918)578-7461
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Email: /

SPANATIC – JHAIRO , is a hunky and manly gay who explore around the metro to search the best /worst massage spa , write and review about it . He spend his own money to subsidy his vice – MASAHE. Jhairo is the reliable writer when it comes to SPA review and became the trusted person to all SPA aficionados.

 Join him in his adventure - Recommend a SPA or massage parlor so that I can visit.

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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