Kid Lopez aka Troy Montez Became Viral in almost-all gay blogs.

No copyright infringement -This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Kid Lopez aka Troy Montez...

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No copyright infringement -This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

Kid Lopez aka Troy Montez- His real name is Edwin Nuas, he is 24 years old who married with 46 years old woman "Mystica".  We never know him before, but he became famous due to his  hot perfect body  and his innocent look.

His private video leaked to public, there are more than 4 video. His wife recorded when he take a bath, wearing transparent pants, and dancing, in bedroom etc.

Have u been watched his video?

Innumerable nude photos also leaked online.

Per Netizens - Lopez is just attention seeker.

 Mystica's husband Kid Lopez (Troy Montez) scandalous video scandal became viral and hot online. Kid Lopez video scandal which lasts for 3-4 minutes surfaced online and garnered negative reactions from netizens.

Actress Mystica has not yet released official statement about the video scandal of her husband and it's not yet confirmed whether the video is authentic or just fake.

Here are some of his photos ( photos from online source )

Bellow I attached below a video by Mystica : QUERIDO is a complicated but very challenging story of LOVE, ROMANCE, RISK, S#X VIDEO SCANDAL, SURVIVAL and a real example of HOW LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

 QUERIDO is a story of a young guy named Troy (TROY MONTEZ a.k.a. KID KILAWIN) who came from a very poor family but has a dream of becoming a model and actor in the showbiz world. In order to survive, he has worked as a macho dancer at a gaybar owned and managed by Don (DONNE TAN who happened to fall in love with him), and joined the newest male group called THE MYSTIC CHAMPS under the management of Mystica (MYSTICA CASSIDY), who owns a Talent Agency, an international businesswoman associated with Patrick (PATRICK BERNARD, a Chairman/CEO of an international group of companies who also became her best friend and confidant) a Showbiz Personality, a Motivational Speaker and a Cyber Sex Theraphist who is married to Doc John (Dr. John Ortiz Teope), a manipulative and self-centered Social Media Personality who has offered Mystica a marriage full of lies, deception and betrayal .

Being so busy with his profession, Doc John also failed to give the wife the quality time, romance, passion..., affection and attention she needed, and that has led Mystica to fall in love with Troy. Since Troy also has a younger girlfriend named Jhesma (JHESMA BARCELO a.k.a. SPICY FACEBOOK), he had to choose between the two (JHESMA or MYSTICA).

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