Sisters, this is my most harrowing experience to date. You know me as an adventurous and risk loving sex maniac. You may admire my bravado...

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Sisters, this is my most harrowing experience to date. You know me as an adventurous and risk loving sex maniac. You may admire my bravado when it comes to luring boys for some cheap s*x. But this last tryst has traumatized me so much, I am now a wounded gay man.
It happened last Thursday. I should have gone straight home, but my carnal desires begged me do some sight seeing in Isetann Recto. Kilala nyo naman ako as the Queen of Isetan, and I have a bag full of strategies and tricks against the hoodlum kolboys lurking. So confidently, I strode my way into the mall.

Wala akong nakitang young meat, so I decided to go outside the mall. Medyo late na kasi nun, around 8PM na. As I walked down the steps outside the mall, dun sa may parang quadrangle along Recto Ave. I spotted a kolboy whom I’ve previously spoken with. Sa 4th floor ko sya na meet dati. That was about two months ago. He tried to get me to hire him, saying 300h will do, but I begged off because he was wearing the outfit of a veteran kolboy hustler- decent shirt, maong pants, and a pair of sneakers .

For me this kolboy (let’s call him Hoodlum, henceforth) was sexually attractive. Malakas and dating, at malibog ang mukha. He was around 30 years old, and he was semi-muscled. Mapapalaglag ang panty mo sa bakat ng dib dib nya. Syempre, nung nakita ko ulit sya sa labas that night, nalibugan na ako and I took a quick look at him, which he noticed. At sinundan nya na ako. Outside the mall nag usap na kami. He recognized me as someone who has hired him before (akala nya na hire ko na sya, when in fact nag usap lang kami sa 4th floor some time ago). He was super friendly. As usual, niyaya nya nanaman ako. Pero sabi ko, di pwede kasi I have to meet a friend (kunyari lang).

He became persuasive, kesyo 300h lang daw, at chumuchupa na daw sya ngaun kasi nga mahirap na maka kuha ng cutomer because most gays prefer the young ones. He was really nice and friendly. Kesyo nag enjoy naman daw kami dati, at humingi lang naman sya ng extra 100h.
Hooldum has all the red flags of a criminal kolboy – the outfit, the look (basta over 25, the probability is veteran hustler yun), he was the one who approached me, he was too friendly, and his price and services were too good to be true.

Pero type ko tlaga sya, at baka naman sincere kolboy sya. I then gave out my series of anti-hustler antics: kesyo I’m supposed to meet a friend kasi sabay kami umuwi mamaya, that I have been fooled and trick by kolboys before so I am now extra careful, na kung mag momotel kami sa ‘Kamagong’ lang kasi kilala ko yung owner dun (chos lang!). Hoodlum seemed unperturbed. Mukang di sya threatened so I said to myself, PWEDE.

He noticed that I was being extra careful so he assured me that I’m safe with him. He even suggested that I can leave my stuff with the reception desk of the motel and bring only our agreed price to the motel room, to ensure the safety of my belongings. Pwede pala yun? He even said I can leave my stuff with the friend I was supposed to meet, or leave it at the baggage counter of Isetann mall. With that proposition, I said to myself, PWEDEng PWEDE talaga si Hoodlum. Mukang safe, sabi ko.

So pumayag na ako. To make sure that nobody was following us towards the motel, pumasok muna kami isetann, then went outside again via the exit near goldilocks. We were planning to go to kamagong motel and we used the route at the back of isetann, yung secluded na way. The whole time I was checking if anyone was following us, wala naman. We were exchanging friendly conversations while walking and he seemed very trustworthy.

We weren’t able to book a room in Kamagong kasi puno na. We went to Sogo which was just across the street (we were along Rizal Ave.) pero no rooms na rin. He suggested we go to budgetel but I said pangit ang security dun. Then sabi nya Astrotel na lang. I agreed. Pag labas naming ng Sogo, it was just beside Halina Motel, so sabi ko try naming dun. We were able to get a room for 3 hours, under 200h.
Basta the whole time, Hoodlum was really nice and pleasant, almost affectionate. I enjoyed our s*x. Di ko na dedescribe kasi di naman ito FR na pampalibog. Basta may konting kissing, ni romansa ko sya konti then puro BJ na ginawa ko sa kanya. Medyo may limitations sya. Pero malibog. His d*ck wasn’t rock hard most of the time, but it was above average in size. I must say he has one of the most delicious d*cks I’ve ever eatern. His cock had a mocca flavour to it (yummy talaga), while his betlogs smelled like yema. I got so horny I asked him to fuck me. At that point he suggested I add 200h pesos to our price of 300h since we didn’t explicitly agree that there was going to be penetration. I found that to be fair so I agreed to add 200h pesos more. So 500h na ang price namin.
Hoodlum was having erection problems, and he tried to enter me twice to no avail. HE kept on jacking himself and seemed to sincerely want to fuck me (feel ko pangalawa or pangatlo nya na akong customer for that night kaya hirap na sya). During s*x, nakatingin lang sya sa porn and umuungol from time to time. Since we really couldn’t get it in, I decided wag na lang, but our price remains at 500h since I enjoyed him naman.

Matagal ko sya chinupa. Our s*x was probably over an hour and he wasn’t rushing. He was enjyong himself to get off. The s*x was enjoyable and if only for that I would definitely hire him again.

I came first, and sya medyo natagalan pa so todo jakol pa rin sya on the bed while I was already putting on my clothes. After about 4 minutes he came on the bed, and I was fully clothed watching him on the side. I was still aware that something might go wrong that’s why I intended to be fully clothed and ready to leave by the time he finished off.

Nakahubad pa rin sya when I gave him the 500h pesos. AYUN NA! In a split second, his friendly and pleasant demeanor vanished. I swear, I saw the DEVIL in his eyes when I looked at him. He stood from the bed still naked and said I should pay him more, kasi matagal naman kami, and that he did everything I asked him to do (the usualy litany of a criminal kolboy extorting money from a gay client).

Syempre nag transform na rin ako to my anti-hustler mode: kesyo alam ko nang style mo, wag mo ako gaguhin, naloko nako dati, etc. He grabbed my wallet and checked every nook and cranny of it but he didn’t find more money (I just had 500h pesos in my wallet, and another 100h inside my bag for my fare home). Good thing I removed my drivers license and all information about me from my wallet before leaving the house.

He wanted to check my bag, my pockets, and even my shoes. I had my atm card inside my bag and it contained 2months worth of salary and there was no way I was going to let him see that card. At that point I struggled against him. He was grabbing my bag, my pants, and blocked the door. I was forcing myself to go out of the room but he kept me from the door.

At that point nag aagawan na kami ni Hoodlum sa pintuan. Struggle talaga. Nakabihis na ako at sya hubad pa rin. The scary part was he was turning off the lights and I just kept turning it back on. He was bigger and taller than me (he was around 5’9 or 5’10)so hindi ako makapalag.
Then, I threatened him that I was going to call security. I was expecting that he would get scared upon hearing that but he didn’t care. I dialled the reception desk on the fone beside bed. It was ringing. And ringing. And ringing! No one was answering!!! I tried 3x but no one was answering!!! Before we entered the motel, there was a security guard outside, the reception area was fully staffed. But no one was picking up my call for help. Then, confidently Hoodlum said: “Kala mo makakalabas ka dito ha.”

That statement sent chills down my spine. MY GOD, BAKA KASABWAT ANG STAFF NG MOTEL!!! KAYA WALANG SUMASAGOT!!! – This was the thought that entered my mind.

At that point adrenalin rushed in my body and I struggled to get out of the room. I succeeded to force my way out even if he has blocking the door. Pag labas ko I found a hotel staff and begged him to help me get out because there’s a “holdaper” inside my room. He asked me “lalake po ba?” I said yes. But instead of helping me leave the floor, he went away and used his radio to contact someone. The thought that the motel staff was in conspiracy with the kolboy was in my head, and I ran in panic to look for the stairs.

Then I saw a fire exit sign. I followed it until I saw a small opening to get out of the building. Our room was at 308, I don’t know if we were on the second floor or the 3rd floor, but I jumped from that fire exit (it had no stairs). Ngaun ko na realize na medyo mataas din yung tinalon ko.

I landed easily (adrenalin rush talaga!) then I sprinted off. As I ran away I could hear from the lobby of the motel the exchange of radio messages among their staff. I was able to run around 20 meters away from the motel. The motel staff tried to catch me. Then suddenly I saw a man riding a motorbike and he was looking at me, I sensed that he was following me. I was losing energy and didn’t know if I was running towards the right direction, so I flagged down a jeep and quickly got in. I thought the people running after me didn’t see me ride the jeep but to my horror, someone on the street stopped the jeepney and It was one of the motel staff.
Medyo hindi ko na maalala, kasi I was nervous and in panic (survival instinct na lang ang gumagana) but when I say “men” who wanted to catch me, I’m referring to two motel staff (yung mga naka short barong na mukang security), and another civilian man.

I got out of the jeep and ran across the street at that point sumigaw na sila “Snatcher! Snatcher!” ako naman sumigaw din “Manloloko! Manloloko!” I was very tired at that time and they eventually caught me. As they grabbed me away, I was screaming at the top of my lungs: “PEPERAHAN NILA AKO! TULUNGAN NYO AKO!!! MGA MANLOLOKO ITO!!!” Basta lahat ng pwede isigaw to get peoples attention ginawa ko na. “TULUNGAN NYO AKO!!! KASABWAT NILA KOLBOY!!”

This was all happening on the street under the LRT, in the middle of Rizal Avenue (Avenida), and pinapalibutan na ako ng mga tao while 3 men tried to drag me away!! I was screaming for help but people were just looking at me like I was a crazy person. “DISENTE AKONG TAO!! INOSENTE AKO!! TULUNGAN NYO AKO!!” But no one intervened to help me.

They tried to drag me away “Sumama ka sa amin, aayusin natin ito”, they said. But to me that meant they will extort more money from me. A big crowd already gathered, we were in the middle of the road, and we were blocking traffic. Cars started blowing their horns. A jeepney passed by and I grabbed on its railing. I pleaded to the passengers inside “TULUNGAN NYO AKO!!!” But they just all looked at me. I tried to hold to onto the jeep as it ran away, and the people grabbing me were forced to let go (buti talaga di nahati ang katawan ko) . But then the jeepney stopped and my assailants got hold of me again.

I was begging them to let me go. But they treated me like I was a criminal, like a fugitive. As if I stole something from them and they want it back. Someone suddenly appeared who said he was the “barangay captain” and he started helping to drag me away. For some reason, I had the physical strength to resist the people holding me. There were about 3 or 4 men who were grabbing my neck, my arms, my shirt, my bag. As in kinakaladkad na nila ako in the middle of Rizal Aveneu. HUmihilata na ako dun, I was planking para lang wag nila ako madala.

There was even a man who suddenly appeared claiming he was a policeman (he was in civilian clothes) and he threatened me, ordered me to shut up. The people watching were silent, no one said a word, but there were two hecklers (mga mukang tambay) who said “sumama ka na, sumama ka na!!!” Then a man who claimed he was a Barangay captain appeared and also said “sumama ka na, sumama ka na!!!” I felt they were all in conspiracy against me.

After all that struggle, my body finally gave in, and my assailants carried me on a trike and brought me on a dark alley. Wala na, I said to myself. They made me sit on a chair, then suddenly the Hoodloom, the kolboy appeared, with the motel staff.

They brought us to a small room near the alley. Barangay hall pala yun. The motel guys who pursued me, the man who identified himself as a policeman, all of those who dragged me away disappeared and It was just me, Hoodlum, the barangay captain, and his 2 “staff” and a secretary that were inside the room.
The brgy. Captain was mad at me for making a scene. He threatened to bring me to the police station. I tried to explain to him what happened, how the kolboy tried to extort money from me, how no one was answering my call for help from the motel room. I told them I knew how these criminal kolboys operate, na baka kasabwat nya yung motel staff that’s why I tried to run away.

The brgy captain kept cutting me off. Kesyo ganun daw talaga yung kolboy kasi yun ang trabaho nila. The kolboy then said hindi daw ako nagbayad, kesyo may pera pa daw ako. It felt like everybody was against me inside that room. And I felt they wanted me to pay more money to the kolboy.

I knew it was possible na this “mediation” was staged also. We’ve heard of kolboys working with police officials to extort money from their customers. Dadalhin sa police station kunyari aayusin, pero kasabwat pala ang mga pulis. So I knew it was possible that these “barangay” were actually cohorts of the kolboy. Posibleng magkakakuntsaba sila.

My suspicion was boosted when the barangay captain suddenly referred to Hoodlom as “MICHAEL, i-explain mo nga..” at that point our names weren’t asked yet so its very unlikely for the barangay captain to all of a sudden know the name of the kolboy. Ako nga di ko alam na MICHAEL pala name nya.

The barangay captain kept on saying that if we don’t settle this they were going to bring me to the police station. By “settle”, I was thinking that they meant I give more money to the kolboy. There was no way that was going to happen.

The kolboy kept on saying that I had more money. I retorted: WALA KANG PAKIALAM KUNG MAY PERA PA AKO DITO! SInabi ko na matinong tao ako pero itong kolboy na ito ang lumapit sa akin. I told them I’m from a reputable school (yes! Sinabi ko ang school ko) then explained to the barangay people what the kolboy’s exact fee was and detailed everything that happened, from the time Hooldoom first approached me outside Isetann, to my desire to get fucked by him, hence the additional 200 pesos, to his erection problems, to the fact that I still paid him 500 pesos even if he didn’t fuck me.

The Barangay still threatened me that if this doesn’t get “settled” he will bring me to the police station.
I was raging mad: “KAYANG KAYA KO IPADISMISS ITONG KASO NA ITO,” I told them.

I then said I was my calling friend who was a lawyer .The barangay captain and then suddenly became frantic: “WAG KA TUMAWAG!!!”

“WAG KA TUMAWAG!!!” he still threatened me.


I then texted a gay“friend”, who then called me. My friend was clueless, I told him a kolboy tried to extort money from me, and that I was at a barangay station along recto. That he should call Atty. Perez. We didn't know any attorney perez, but my friend sensed what I meant and he knew that I was in trouble.

I could feel that the mediation was intented for me to shell out more money. But I was adamant that the kolboy was not getting even another centavo from me. I already paid him 500. I was firm in my words, my arguments were rational, and I wanted to give an impression that I knew my rights.

They all faulted me for making a scene, for being a scandaloso. I apologized to them, but said I had to do that because I knew how the modus operandi of these kolboys work. Na kahit mga pulis kasabwat nila. I explained that it's possible kasabwat ng kolboy ang staff ng motel kasi no one was picking up the fone when i asked for help, plus the fact that the kolboy had the confidence to say 'kala mo makakalabas ka dito ha.' That's why I ran away. Sabi ng captain, bakit ka tumakbo, sinaktan ka ba ng kolboy? SUmagot ako, hihintayin ko pa bang saktan nya ako? The kolboy was extorting money from me and he was physically blocking me from leaving the room. Basta, parang pinag tatanggol pa nung brgy. captain yung kolboy

SInabi ko na baka kasi magka sabwat yung kolboy at staff ng motel. kahit nga pulis kasabwat ng mga kolboy eh. Then sabi ng barangay official ibahin ko daw sya dahil hindi sya sumasabwat kahit kanino (yeah right, bakit ka defensive!)

I guess they finally realized that they’re not gonna get any money from me, so the Brgy captain suddenly said he will settle the problem, and that we will just write a statement saying the problem has been fixed and that no one was harmed. He asked for our IDs, and as if on cue, Hoodloom pulled out an ID. Ako nga walang ID eh.

At that point I really felt the whole mediation was a show, intended to convince me to just cover up the fact that I picked up a kolboy, and to just pay them off. Eh since na sense nila na di talaga ako magbibigay ng pera, gumawa na lang sila ng kasulatan na hindi nila ko sinaktan, na ayos na ang lahat, at maghihiwalay kami ng matiwasay. Its like a quit claim so I can’t make any complaints against them in the future.

They allowed me to leave first, and I asked one of them to accompany me outside, kasi baka mamaya pag labas ko biglang may humarang sa akin. As I walked with my escort, nadulas sya at sinabi na pangalwang beses na daw nila nadampot yung kolboy na yun. Whether true or false, I don’t care. Pero inamin nya na na KILALA NILA YUNG KOLBOY NA YUN so merong possibility na nagtutulungan sila para maka kuha ng pera sa mga bading.

Nobela ang FR na ito, but I think there's a big underground syndicate among kolboys in isetann recto: specifically the matured ones you see outside the mall

I think si Hoodloom at si Bikini Boy (check my post about him), they fall in this category of hot mature (25-40)male prostitutes waiting outside isetann recto (as opposed dun sa mga students and binatilyo sa 4th floor).

I think may sindikato ang mga ito, mga gurangers na kolboy na ito. Kumukuntsaba sila sa mga motel staff (like: budgetel ,vista lodge – eto yung mga motel na gusto lang pasukan ni bikini boy) para wag tulungan ang mga biktimang bading, at kung tutulungan man ay I rerefer sila sa barangay para ayusin ang problema. If you will try to leave the motel, may susunod sa iyo para dalhin ka pa rin sa barangay. The barangay will then threaten na pag di naayos ang gulo dadalhin ka sa police. Syempre, if you’re a closet gay, kesa ma iskandalo ka, you will give in na lang sa demands nila, kahit magkano man.





As for me, retirement muna sa flesh trade. Wala munang hada. Hindi na kaya ng powers ko ang isa pang encounter na ganito.

Sa awa ng Panginoon, kahit sobrang skandalo, nakauwi naman ako ng buhay.

Natakot din ako kasi dahil nga ayaw ko mag bigay ng pera, pwede nila ako i-salvage na lang bigla : (

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