CallBoys in Quezon City Circle - Are they Worth paying for.

QC CIRCLE CB and the POLICE sent an email to warn our brothers - when picking up callboys in Quezon City Circle...

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QC CIRCLE CB and the POLICE sent an email to warn our brothers - when picking up callboys in Quezon City Circle.In the Philippines Call-boy or callboy, is a slang term for a male s*x worker.

Meanwhile, he Quezon Memorial Circle is a national park and a national shrine located in Quezon City, which became the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976.

The park is located inside a large traffic circle in the shape of an ellipse and bounded by the Elliptical Road. But more than this are the stories behind this park during at night.


I drove around qc circle 2am. i actually just want to see the faces of call boys. when i parked my car on the side, a call boy came to my car. he talk to me that he would give me satisfaction without regrets. he was so kulit so i let him in.

i noticed that he was texting someone and he told me that it was his gf. i did not know any motels around, so he gave me choices either in cubao, visayas or commonwealth. i chose commonwealth and he lead me the way.

we entered the room and had a very short fun.

when we just left the motel, a police patrol car tried to overtake my car. a flashlight was pointed to me while driving and i was signaled to park on the side. i did not know what violation i made. the police talked to me and asked if i had a gun or anything. then, the other police knocked on the right side of the car. he said the the guy beside me was a call boy who was always spotted at circle. the call boy went out of the car and was accompanied by the police.

the 2 police came inside my car and told me that there has been a city ordinance that outlaws picking up of call boys. they told me that they would bring me to a police station for charges. they also told me that the police record will be permanent. since i do not want to have a police record, i offered them P3,000 but they wanted P5,000, so I gave this amount to them and allowed me to go.

when i was on my way home, i realized that the call boy might actually be associated with the police. everything might have been planned and scripted between the call boy and the police. the call boy might have been texting with the police all along, that's why when we went out of the motel, my car was immediately spotted. there was no reason for the police to point the flashlight to my car. i was just driving straight and there was no unusual in my driving.

f*ck those police! they may go to hell.

Here are some safety tips from on what to do just in case this happens to you:

(1) Ask, respectfully, for the name of the policeman. Get his badge number.
(2) Ask what particular ordinance you violated.
(3) DO NOT get out of the car without locking all the doors.*
(4) DO NOT open the trunk unless you open it yourself (if possible use your camera phone to videotape you opening the trunk)*
(5) It might be best to just allow yourself to be brought to the police station because again they will be forced to let you go as there is NO ordinance nor did you break any law.

(6) DO NOT be intimidated by these guys.


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