Love will take you together

 When you truly care for someone, you don't look for faults. you don't look for answers you don't look for mistakes. ...

Upclose and Personal with TomDen Love Team

Let us meet the love team and unique couple with a very beautiful love story. A " love that knows no gender" Tom Rodrigue...

Criminals in Love?

Advertisement by Google: Advertisement by Google: NARANASAN NYO NA BA...? Yung magising sa umaga na katabi ang taong mahal mo? Hab...

The Viral Video of a High school Bully Attacks Gay Teen in Classroom

Caught on Camera: The Horrifying Moment a High school Bully Attacks Gay Teen in Classroom... and Officials Do Nothing to Stop It Boy, ...

Alarming Rapid Increase of HIV/AIDS Cases in the Philippines

World’s AIDS Day was successfully celebrated December 1st, 2013. Simultaneously, DOH gave alarming news about the rapid increase of HIV p...

Who is Michael Soria ? Upclose and Personal after the Sex Video

Aside from being the alleged person involved in the Sex scandal kilalanin natin upclose and personal si Myke Michael Soria is an ...

Angelo Soriano and Charles Miguel : How to introduce your Boyfriend to your Mother?

Advertisement by Google: "My Best friend told me that I am disgusting and it was very painful to me" Angelo Soriano, reg...

Cosmo Hunk Sebastian Castro Comes Out

Advertisement by Google: Just this Feb 18, 2013, When a Cosmopolitan Hunk named Sebastian Castro admits that he is a gay. As he stated ...

Jon Jon Rivera: What's Wrong With Being Gay?

Advertisement by Google: Advertisement by Google: Another Cute Pinoy Who already Came out from the closet. Let us met Jon Jon River...

Teen Secretly Records Emotional Coming Out To Mother

Coming out of the closet to family members can be one of the most difficult and terrifying things a lesbian,...

'Kidnapped For Christ,' Planned Documentary, Aims To Expose 'Ex-Gay' Experiences In Christian Reform Schools

"Kidnapped for Christ" is a compelling new documentary that follows the experiences of several American teenagers...

Video Collection of Gay Couples

Ghelo And Andy Gerald and Davis Vinzon Leojay Booc and Julius Abraham Dee Yuehan And Wuchun R.I.P Jake Pe...

Free HIV Test in Love Your Self Hub (RITM Malate)

As an HIV awareness  advocate , I just want to reach out you guys and persuade to come and get tested. You,ll never know you...

LoveYour Self: Supersedes the meaning of confidentiality

July 21, 2012, an advocate of HIV awareness NGO named LoveYourSelf provides a free HIV and STI testing at Victoria’s Court malate. Is...

What is loveyourself Inc. (the organization)?

What is loveyourself Inc. (the organization)? "Love Yourself Inc. (for the Youth & LGBT-MSM) is a non-stock, non-profit SEC o...






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